Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Paper Strip Flowers by Jane Howden

Hello lovely ladies,  

Do you, like me, collect the manufacturer strips from your patterned paper?  Want to know a really easy but very effective way of using them up?  Stay tuned!

Collect your patterned strips.  I have used strips that are 1/4 inch wide.  Each flower will need 7 strips and the size of your finished flowers will be determined by the length you cut each strip.  I have cut mine to 4 inches and 2 1/2 inches respectively.

TIP  The smaller the flower the less strips you need.

TIP  You don't need to use the manufacturer strips - you can cut your own from any scrap patterned paper you may have

When you have your strips cut to size stack them up into an even pile and find the center and mark with a pencil.  Place your stack onto an old mouse pad, off-cut of box cardboard or Styrofoam (just something that will cushion impact) and take a thumbtack or other paper piercing tool and make a hole through your layers.

Place a brad through your hole to form the center of the flower and close loosely - you can use a plain, solid colour brad or a more decorative style - whichever takes your fancy.  Now open the strips of paper out much like you would spread open a hand of playing cards until your flower "petals" looks evenly distributed.  Make sure the prongs of your brad are pressed down firmly to hold everything into place.

They are now ready for you to use on a layout.  Enjoy.

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