Thursday, 29 May 2014

Tracey Campbell's Lesson for the month

My lesson this month is a lesson on how to turn a mistake into something useable. I kid you not I had good intentions of showing you how to get a great effect from the Crafter's Templates in the Mystical Store but upon using them with a Dauber I got the worst looking mess ever. In defeat I flipped the template over onto the second half of the cardstock and got a lovely pattern. So stick with me as I go through the process and see for yourself.
1. I use washi tape to hold down the templates as I tend to be a bit rough and sometimes they slide. Use a dauber to spread the ink around.

 2. Make random dots and lines with the dauber.
 3. Spray some water into the sponge on the top of the dauber so that you can make splatter marks across the template.
 4. Turn the dauber upside down and splat it onto the stencil so that it sprays across the template and the cardstock.
 5. Once you are happy with the spreading out of the ink over the template lift it up and see the effect.
 6. Upon revealing how the dauber worked with the template and the mess it made I place the template ink side down on the second half of the cardstock. I really didn't like how the dabber and the template had worked together. The ink ran and went under the template. At this stage I was going to throw out the cardstock.
 7. I lifted the stencil off the other half of the cardstock and found the reverse pattern I was looking for....but perfect for what I wanted.
 8. I then moved the template down so that it left some more ink on the bottom half of the cardstock.
 9. I cut the pattern out into a rectangle, without my first messy attempt on it.
 10. Using an eye dropper I dropped some blue ink onto the cardstock. The higher you have the eye dropper from the paper the more spread out the drops will be.
 11. Run the straw from the ink around the edge of the paper to give it some lines.
 12. Mat a photo onto your design.
Here is my final layout where I have turned a mistake in to a fine looking large photo mat.

The Gardens

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  1. Fabulous Tracey-what a great 'mistake'...but is there one in scrapping??