Friday, 3 October 2014

Jane's tip and tricks for October

Three ways with washi.

Do you, like me, have a mountain of washi tape and yet can't seem to pass a basket of them in the shop without rummaging through to find a few more?

And guess what !  Mystical has these little beauties on special this month HERE.

Do you look at these pretty rolls and wonder "Ok I have them but now what do I do with them?".

Here are three simple ways to use up that washi we all love so much.

1)  As a patterned paper block.

Use strips of washi to create your own striped patterned paper.

2)   As vertical or horizontal stripes

Use pieces of washi of varying lengths to bring focus to photographs or to anchor embellishments.

3)   As a border.

Use washi as a border either above and/or below a strip of photos  or at the top and/or bottom of your page like I did in layout 2).

Have fun with that washi !!

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