Saturday, 4 July 2015

Visual Triangles ...

We talk a lot about "visual triangles" in scrapbooking - the function of taking any element and repeating it three times in a roughly triangular pattern.  Visual triangles aid the eye in making connections to items on your page allowing for movement and flow and balance on your layout.

A visual triangle can be made using several techniques. Many scrappers use repeated single embellishments in the triangle points or they may use different embellishments but in a single colour at these points. You can also repeat certain shapes such as hearts, stars or use journaling or text titles at these points to form a triangle. Or you can use all of these techniques in embellishment clusters.

While looking through our June Cyber Crop entries I spied this delightful page by Kikyee (aka Kristy) which shows you how effective a visual triangle can be.

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