Sunday, 31 January 2016

Heart Garland Tutorial ~ Crate Paper Fourteen ♥


Inspired by this heart Garland at Ikea I decided I wanted to do something more my style in time for Valentines day.
First- up I chose my papers from the Crate Paper Fourteen Range at Mystical.
 Grabbed some additional supplies: Craftworkz Twine (I used a mixture of colours but you could use just one), Glue Dots, eyelets and mini staples.

To make a Garland like this approx 3.5 metres long you need: 9 large Hearts (8.5cmW x9cmH ), 8 medium hearts (7cm x 7cm ), and 32 mini hearts (2cmW x 1.9cmH ) and 4.2m of twine (18 lengths of 23cm).

 I used a nesting die set on the sizzix but alternatively you could print 3 different sized hearts on the computer onto card to make templates to trace and cut. Because I wanted to get the most from my card I cut four hearts with each cut and used the spares on other projects.

I used one half of each 12x12 and cut the 6x12's down into three 6x4 sheets to die cut.

Be still my heart! :-) 

I punched a hole on each side of the hearts and then laid them on the floor large-medium large etc in a semi random order.

I tried to keep the two darker pinks separated.

I then added coordinated but contrasting eyelets to each heart for extra strength.

I placed a large glue dot on a small heart and then pressed the centre of my 23cm twine lengths into 
the glue dot.  

 Threaded the two ends of the twine into my hearts and then pressed the ends into the glue dot.

Placed another small heart on top and sandwiched  them together.

And then added two staples for extra strength. I chose to do it this way because I want to be able to hang the garland across a room and have it look good from both sides. You could just skip the mini hearts and tie the twine in a neat bow. Or if you only want to hang it on a wall just use one length of twine running it behind the hearts and tape it in place so the hearts don't move.

 Further ideas... 
  • It would be nice to add a string of hearts hanging vertically on each end of the garland.
  • You could embellish the hearts with the smaller hearts in a contrasting colour.
  • You could embellish the hearts with large letters to spell out a name or message.
  • You could embellish the hearts with anything that made your heart content.
  • You could make it to coordinate with the colour theme of a wedding or a babies room. 
I think we'll pull this one out on Birthdays as well as Valentines each year- and the colours would look too bad at Christmas either.

If you make one please be sure to share it in the gallery.

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