Saturday, 6 August 2016

Gallery Pick

Donna is away this weekend sharing a lovely girls weekend with her Mum and sister- so I thought I might sneak in here and share a couple of stunning layouts that she's shared in the Mystical Gallery over the last month or so...

I loved this LO for the way that the colours pop off the black background. She's also used a lot of while and light pink here which has helped to not let the black swallow-up her photo and elements. The line of flowers sprinkled across the page draws your focus to the photo. Putting the word Ballet from the title on it's own on the black also draws attention to some important information about this memory that we can't tell from the photo.

Donna has once again gone for a black background for this LO using a large photo to help balance the visual weight. While also using lighter patterned papers again for the same reason. I love the choice she made of pink and blue as a subtle nod to the boy/girl friendship in the picture. Once again she's used flowers beautifully making choices that give the feeling of happiness without being too girly.

Great LO's Donna! It's always great to see your art works in the gallery.

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