Friday, 28 October 2016

October Cyber Crop ~ Journalling

Hello all,

Welcome to the October CyberCrop. 

We're all about Journalling again this month and we have 8 ideas for you to choose from.

So the way this CC works is;
  • You get 1 ticket into the draw per challenge ...up to the maxium of 3. You are welcome to do as many as you like, but maxium tickets given is 3
  • Upload your challenge pages to our gallery, there is only 1 gallery this month, so and make sure you let us know what number challenge idea you have used.
You'll find below a list of 8 ideas for different ways to journal on your LO's with some examples of some from the DT.   You needed follow the ideas exactlly, your welcome to add your own spin, as long as we can 'see' the orginal idea.

1. Long title - Make you journalling and title in one by creating a long title that tells the story. The title of my LO below is a quote from Will age 3- something that he said often to Kieran- which always made us laugh because we didn't know where he got the idea from!

2. Story - Write your journalling as a story- you could even start it with Once upon a time....

3. Time-line - Use a time-line to tell your story- maybe pictures of a child at different ages, jobs you've had, cars you've owned, major life events, or placed you've lived?

4. Numbers about you - this is another list. But this one should be numbered and it should relate to you- 10 things I love about.... 15 life lessons I've learned... 20 things I want to do before I die... 12 books I'll always own... 10 things I'm thankful for.... 42 things about me at 42....  you can pick the number and the subject - but it has to be about you!

5. Significant other's words - Has your partner, child or another person close to you written or said something you'd like to get on a page? Or perhaps you can ask them too? Maybe even a He says/she says?

6. Repeat a phrase - Use the same starter for each sentence or section of your journalling: 
For example; 'I love you because....'  'Today you...' 'Currently I....' 'When you were little...' 'I wish...' 'I remember...' This prompt has more impact when you have at least 8 - 12 lines of journalling starting in the same way.

7. Social Media Stories -  Use some text from your social media- a Facebook status- maybe with comments, or your tweets, or instagram text. Or use a Meme that sums up some aspect of yours or someone else's life.

8. 5W's - Use the 5W's (who, what, where, when, why) to tell the story- make the words (who, what, where, when, why) as an integral part of your layout design. 


You have a week plus to upload your creations into the gallery- there is only one for this CC. 

Due date Sunday, 6th November - Midnight

**All layouts entered must be created for this CC.

We will be giving away 1 shopping voucher valued at $20.00, and each entry receives 1 ticket into the draw.....each challenge you do gives you a chance to win!
We will also have a surprise prize!!  Our DT members will chose their favourite over-all layout and I will send that lucky person a surprise in the mail.

Happy Scrapping.
Mystical Team

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