Monday, 15 September 2014

Jane's page for the September challenge ...

Now here is a lesson for all of us!  When you are completing a challenge which has several steps or different criteria, don't think you know all the bits and pieces involved, actually write it down and have it in front of you so you know all the bits and pieces involved.

I'm sorry Miss Tracey ... I stuffed up!!  I missed the bit that said cut your patterned paper in half and put it back together somehow using both sides.  So my paper has been cut but not in half I'm afraid, I only created a bottom panel on my page.

So Tracey's challenge for this month is:

You need to have the following on your layout;
a) 1 double sided pattern paper
b) 2 photos
c) 3 different pattern papers (the pattern paper in (a) is not included in this)
d) 4 embellishments
e) 5 tags

now the twist............ you are to have a 1/2 in the challenge - you are to cut your pattern paper in half somehow and show side one and side two as your base. As you can see in my sample I have cut the pattern paper in a diagonal, flipped one side over and adhered them back together to make one piece. You can add anything else you like to your layout as long as you have the five elements in the list and the 1/2 requirement. 

and here is my not quite right page (hanging head in shame :(  ...

Hope you can play along with us this month.

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