Friday, 25 September 2015

Our September Impromptu Cyber Crop ...

Impromptu because at one stage we thought poor Miss Donna would be crying into a bucket as she endeavoured to reload hundreds of shop items !!  Happy to say this wasn't the case and she can now put the bucket aside for more appropriate uses!

So this cyber crop we have a sketch, a colour moodboard and a quote for you. 

Courtesy Page Maps

You have a full week plus, to scrap these challenges, upload them to our gallery and be in the winning for a store voucher or a pack of lovely goodies for being the DT pick.

Due date Sunday, 4th October - Midnight

And don't forget to stop by our Facebook chat group over the weekend - there just may be a game or two happening with the odd prize being thrown your way ;)

Happy scrapping !!
Mystical Team


  1. Does anyone do synchronised swimming?

  2. I think most public pools have a synchronised swimming club - I know ours does.