Monday, 20 March 2017

Gallery Pick

 Some more pages from our January Cyber Crop this time from Sharnook. 
This top page is  a scraplift from Member Toni M. I love the excitement and movement conveyed by the page... and it would be pretty exciting meeting some super heroes! There's lots of colours in the photos so it was a great choice to only have hints of colour on the page and the little touches of patterned paper are doing a perfect job. The stars are a great extra touch too- always cool to have some stars when you're meeting the stars of the show!

This page is Sharnooks take on the sketch challenge from January- I'm loving the pretty pastel colour scheme she has pulled together- works perfectly with the girly photo and ties in with their clothes as well. I love that she has made the sketch design feel more relaxed and informal and fun! Bonus points for the fussy cutting too!! Beautiful page Sharnook- thanks for sharing!!

What I didn't notice at first is that both these pages use almost the same design... a central block with a diagonal flow from top right to bottom left... and yes they look very different- this is a fantastic example of making use of great design to make awesome pages- it's something that makes life so much easier too... especially when we're tired and scrapping to relax!

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