Saturday, 19 August 2017

Donna's Cybercrop Challenge- Gypsy's Page

Donna's challenge for the Cybercrop was to use an old book page- this is a favourite of mine and I have a stash of books including a number of old and failing dictionaries just for this purpose. And that's what I decided to use today- in fact it's the thesaurus section for the page that has 'read'. :-)

Just for fun I decided to challenge myself to use the inspiration board from one of my own CC challenges for my page. I've used ideas from the two books in the top left. My layout design is the adapted from the cover of The Rhythm of Family. And my title is one continuous line just like the title of the book Follow The Line.

I loved this inspiration board and see a heap more ideas I'd like to use; A newspaper page design for a page, the title work on The Lost thing, one main and multiple small photos like on Animalia, the stacked triangles and journalling on paper pieces as per The Flame Alphabet (bottom left), the red and blue or black and white colour schemes on Alice, and the title work and flag banner on Two Caravans were just a few of the things I'd be keen to give a go.

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