Monday, 25 September 2017

Gallery Pick- KathyLovesToScrap

KathyLovesToScrap is our Gallery pick this week and if you think you've seen the page above before you are almost right!! This page is from challenge one in our May CC and if you haven't seen the pages in the gallery I highly recommend it because they are all so different and all bring their own special touch to the design. Kathy was one of only two who chose to use a patterned paper for her page base and I think her choice and the papers she's matched with it are just perfect together and for the subject of her LO! I love all the little word art embellishments that compliment but not overwhelm the design. I like the pick paint dots which flow through the page and fact she chose to have her title just simple and co-ordinated. It's a great page Kathy- thanks for joining in on the challenge!

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