Sunday, 29 June 2014

Jane's June Tutorial

Another fun way to use up those strips of patterned paper ...

1.  Cut a strip of patterned paper (a shorter width works best with this technique - mine is  just over an 1").

2.  Use a scalloped border punch along one side - you can also try a pinked edge or a lacy border for variety.  TIP - if you prefer a plain look skip this step.

3.  Use a scoring tool of some kind to score the border at each scallop (or equal interval).

4.  Accordion fold the strip.

 5.  Adhere the ends of the folded strip together.

6.  Carefully press the folded circle out.  Adhere a circle of patterned paper onto the middle of the pressed out circle.  TIP - Hot glue works best for this or try some liquid adhesive. 

7.   Attach a decorative button on top of the circle.  Leave to dry.

  TIP - Hold the circle down with a paperweight until it is fully dry - I usually use a small book or magazine.

TIP - You can also use fabric buttons, large brads, felt flowers or other flowers for your decorative center.


Have fun - these are great embellishments on layouts and also make terrific card centerpieces.

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  1. these are super fun and colourful.. love these